Newmarket Racing Club can offer the opportunity to get involved with horses at a number of top yards in the town or you can become a member of our club providing a real insight into the benefits of being an owner and follow the fortunes of those horses along the way.

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Newmarket Racing Club Membership

There are two excellent Membership options to choose from, each clearly defined by their name. One Thousand Guineas Membership will cost you, One Thousand Guineas or £1050, and lasts for 12 months.
Two Thousand Guineas membership for the same period will cost you, yes you have it, Two Thousand Guineas, or £2100 and provides enhanced membership benefits as indicated in the site. We also offer discounted membership for couples who reside at the same address.
Purchase of the One Thousand Guineas Membership (Single or Couples) can be made either through an upfront entire payment, or, quarterly including sign up fee (neither option incurs more cost). See the individual membership pages for further details here.
No. Other than your initial annual membership fee, there are no other compulsory costs involved in your membership. You will not be liable for any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, regardless what costs the Club may incur. We do offer a number of optional services that are additional to Club membership, some of which may incur a small charge and, from time to time, we will organise social or hospitality events exclusive to members at discounted prices but where we are also happy to accommodate invited guests. Of course, you are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these optional services or to attend Club hospitality events.
Membership to the Newmarket Racing Club lasts for 12 months from the date membership is confirmed.
No. Although we hope that you will have enjoyed your year so much with Newmarket Racing Club that you will want to remain a member of the Newmarket Racing Club, you are under no obligation to continue with your membership once your initial 12 month term has come to an end.
Yes, you are able to purchase a gift membership to the Newmarket Racing Club via the Club shop on the website although it might be prudent to contact us beforehand so that we can ensure the membership is allocated under the correct name.
The Newmarket Racing Club will organise, at least, one stable visit each calendar month. This will provide the opportunity for members to get to know the horses and the racing staff responsible for looking after them, including in most cases the Trainer. Working on the gallops is usually included in the visit and, perhaps a tour of the yard in addition. There will, generally, be a post visit refreshment and an option for either breakfast or lunch depending upon the time it is organised to provide a de-brief and question and answer session. Members are encouraged to attend as you will invariably learn a good deal more than you might expect about the horse and his/her stablemates. Guests will be made welcome but may incur a small charge.
There will be a clear indication both on the website and, indeed, in emails and newsletters which will provide adequate notice of stable visits. Simply opt in and we’ll do the rest.
Yes, Members are welcome to bring guests. There is generally a small charge and for the most popular events, or where there is limited availability, the number of guests each Member can bring may be restricted. You must request any guest involvement with the Club.
To enter the parade ring/winners enclosure you must have an Owners badge. Every time a Club horse runs the racecourse will allocate the club with a certain number of Owners Badges. The Newmarket Racing Club holds a ticket ballot for FREE Owner’s badges before each race meeting. We try our best to accommodate all badge requests and a rota may well be devised if demand exceeds supply. The Club will, in any case, endeavour to provide discounted entrance badges on these occasions.
If you are allocated an Owners Badge from the Club you will receive free admission into the racecourse and entry into the parade ring (and hopefully the winner’s enclosure), some sort of voucher or explanation about complimentary hospitality in the Owner’s and Trainer’s restaurant/bar and of course as an owner you will meet the trainer or their representative and jockey before and after the race. Please note this may vary at different racecourses.
All Newmarket Racing Club members will receive a metal Newmarket Racing Club badge. At the races look out for fellow badge wearers! You can wear your badge even when you are not racing with the Club as they are smart additions to your outfit and will help you to recognize any fellow NRC members.
The Newmarket Racing Club will conduct a recorded interview with the jockey and/or trainer prior to each race in which we have a runner and, equally, in the winner’s enclosure or unsaddling area after the race. These will then be uploaded to the website so that everyone who is not at the races can hear the final instructions for the running plans of the horse. This gives the listeners an insider understanding of the opposition and the chances and the tactics to be employed. After the race, members will be able to hear, first hand, the post-race de-brief conveying all the emotions any race can provide – the ecstasy of winning, the frustration of defeat – it will be just like being there!
It is intended, from time to time, when a new unnamed horse joins the Club that we will hold a competition seeking members suggestions for a name. However, this is not always the case and not every new horse is subject to a competition for naming.
Every time a Club horse runs a race, the very latest information from the trainer about the horse will be posted on the website dashboard. The club’s officials are experienced in betting and will also provide a clear and concise message to the membership regarding the horse’s chance on the day.
Any prize money won by the Racing Clubs’ horses will be determined by Weatherbys the Horseracing Industry’s administrators, these monies will then be offset by any VAT, racing administration fees  (i.e. entry, declaration, supplementary and administration fees) and transport costs.  After these deductions, the prize money fund will be held on behalf of the members by the Club before distribution on an annual basis to the associated Owners and Members. There can never be any guarantee of the level of prize money, given that this is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse and the quantity of Members at the point of each race. Membership of the Club is for entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity and should not be considered so.
As an express benefit of membership, you will be entitled to use two excellent tools in your battle against the bookmakers. is the official website of the Newmarket Trainers Federation and the Trainers designated to train for Newmarket Racing Club will provide comments about all of their runners on a daily basis for members only. Membership of Newmarket Racing Club, entitles you to membership of (annual cost, usually £299) for the duration of your membership and if the past season is anything to go by, the Trainers are quite frank in their assessment and should help you enormously in ascertaining your betting options. This service is provided free to Newmarket Racing Club members. Once your membership of NRC is confirmed, simply email our admin department and we’ll organise your annual membership for said site. Similarly, will also provide members with annual membership, this will be effected in the same manner and includes many excellent  features including ‘eyecatchers’ Trainers Index, Significant Entries, 2yo Precocity and also a new feature called ‘Talk of the Town’ designed to provide a daily indicator if anything is catching the eye on the Newmarket gallops. Newmarket (usual cost £399 per annum) is, once again, provided free to Newmarket Racing Club members. Additionally, the Racing Club executives are extremely well connected, including above and beyond the confines of the town of Newmarket and will pass on any further news or information likely to be to your advantage, as and when it occurs.
Email newsletters will be sent out on a regular basis – sign up to our newsletter here. If you are not receiving these emails please check your email junk/spam folder just in case they are not being delivered correctly. In the event of any communication issue, please contact us on 01638 660212. Email

Newmarket Racing Club Owner’s Scheme

We will begin to provide full details of the horses acquired and available for sale in our horses for sale section.
In order to keep abreast of developments in this area, please sign up to our newsletter from where we will be pleased to keep you informed.
Once you have browsed through our ‘Horses for sale’ and have made your selection, you can purchase the share directly from the site. You then have fourteen days to complete the signing and return of the syndicate agreement. Title to the share will only be effected upon the safe receipt of this document.
As part of our Owners Scheme, included in your share is the following; 
Registered Owner with Weatherbys
Exclusive Stable visits
Owners badge when your horse runs
Equivalent Share of Prize monies won by your horse
Equivalent Share of Sale proceeds when your horse is sold
VIP hospitality
One Thousand Guineas Membership in year one.

(Please note; Lease shareholders are not entitled to are not entitled resale proceeds, but are entitled to all the other benefits as listed above.)

Read more about what is included in our Owners Scheme here.
Upon purchase of a share in one of our horses, you will receive complimentary One Thousand Guineas Membership for the first year. Read more about what is included within One Thousand Guineas Membership here. After 12 months your membership shall expire but you will have the option to renew should you wish.
The number of owners in each horse is strictly limited to a maximum of twenty shareholders though in practice, the numbers in each syndicate will differ, dependent upon the share size each owner purchases. Shares are sold in denominations of 5% and consequently, the number could range from 2 – 20.
The purchase price of each share includes the following: the purchase price of the horse, cost of vetting at the sales, ‘Plus 10’ registration (if applicable), sales house commission, bloodstock agents commission (if applicable), transportation to your horses’ trainer, the breaking in of the horse and pre-training, plus training fee’s up to the start of the month that purchase is made. This initial cost does not include training or any racing costs which are covered by the monthly “training fee”.
The monthly payment is guaranteed to cover all training expenses, race entry fees, veterinary treatment, blacksmiths, transport to and from the racecourse, food and living costs & all associated administration, the jockey’s riding fee and your badge/s (the number depending on the % of the horse that is owned-see below) for the race meeting are all included. Your monthly fee will remain unaffected should other members of the syndicate choose to leave. 
With a view to keeping costs to a minimum, we do not automatically take out insurance in respect of a Horse.  However, you may choose to insure your share. You can do this paying the specified premium and we can arrange with a specialist bloodstock insurer on your nehalf. Alternatively, you may use your own broker.
Your first payment will include the relevant ‘purchase price’ of the share, plus the remaining training fees for the remaining period of the month from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase on the 15th March, your first training fee payment will be calculated to cover the 15th to the 31stMarch. Following this, the monthly ‘Training Fee’ specified for your horse will be charged, on the 1st day of each subsequent month, to the credit/debit card you provided.  
Your monthly training fee will be collected on the 1st of each month if purchased through the website. If you have purchased your share outside of our website, we will request that you set up a standing order for the training fee to be paid on the 1st of each month.
You will receive the share of the prize money you are entitled to, relative to the percentage share you own if your horse is placed or wins. Prize money winnings are allocated by Management and distributed to Owners annually in December.
Yes. When you purchase a share, you will be allocated an Owners Badge when your horse runs.  On occasions, usually at major Racing festivals , there may be more requests for badges than the track make available. In this situation, badges will be allocated on ballot according to holding. Following  this, the club will endeavour to purchase additional badges underwriting the first £20 towards the cost of such badge.
The Manager(s) will be working closely with the Trainer to ensure the best plan is in place for your horse. Whilst the Manager’s decision is final, we welcome input and opinion from each of our owner’s and will take on board and consider all suggestions.
We will be organising regular stable visits to your horse’s stables as well as those yards training other of our horses. In addition subject to availability of staff, shareholders may request exclusive visits and, where feasible, these will be both welcomed and accommodated. Dates and times of such shall be mutually agreed between owner, Club Management and Trainer. Please contact us to request your visit.
When each individual horse runs will depend on a number of factors, primarily, the wellbeing of the horse. Other factors will include the suitability of available races and ground conditions. We have enjoyed lots of success by shrewdly placing our horses in the right races. Consequently, each horse is treated individually and, in consultation with the trainer the race plan and strategy will be designed to coincide with the bringing to peak fitness of each horse, designed to both increase earnings and value.