Horses Update – May 2020

Horses Update – May 2020

As we are approaching the end of May and what will, hopefully, be the resumption of racing on the 1st June – we wanted to share with you an update on how each of the club horses are getting on.


Balgair will be the first of our horses to run following the resumption of racing, assuming everything strays on track for June 1st. Of course, he was geared up to run in the middle of May so the enforced break wouldn’t have interfered too much with his original schedule. 

In any case, he has always been a generous sort and you can see this in all his videos whether he is setting off for work, in the work and even on the way home, too! He does everything keenly and has just the kind of attitude you really want in a racehorse.

He is set to run in the first week of the resumed programme of racing.

Bullington Boy

Great news that Bullington Boy is back in full training after having a nice month or so chilling out and getting over his exertions. His last run, when fourth at Chelmsford was very encouraging and gave us all food for thought and Jane (Chapple-Hyam) and Cliff have hatched a nice little plan for him that will hopefully bring out the best in him. 

A versatile sort, the latest video shows him striding out nicely up warren Hill though it will be most interesting to see him perform back on grass in due course.

Sixties Icon Filly

The warmer weather was just what we were looking for to give this filly a nice little break. She is only just two years old, being a May foal and the sunshine and good pasture will provide the perfect platform for her to grow and strengthen. Reports from the yard indicate she is in a very good place mentally and enjoying the break.

Charlie Fellowes was really pleased with how quickly she picked things up and she was cantering very nicely prior to he Summer break. We’ll be hoping to bring her back in time to take in a late Summer/early Autumn campaign. 

You can read a little more about the background of each of the horses here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to updating you again soon!