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At Vintage Associates we offer private clients a route to investing in the lucrative fine wine market. Based in London and Hertfordshire, we provide a variety of services. We specialise in recommending investable grade wines from the top regions in the world, with the majority of our investors portfolio’s consisting of wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, Champagne and California.

We pride ourselves on offering a service of openness and transparency. Our team of specialists are ready to provide the necessary expertise, tools and market insight to enable you to build a profitable fine wine portfolio tailored to your own personal investment goals.
When dealing with fine wine there are many factors which will dictate the overall return on investment for our clients. Rather than leaving you to freely trade on the exchange, we understand the need for guidance. Fine wine is an alternative investment like no other, our dedicated team of experts are constantly conducting in depth analysis of the market, which in turn allows you to make smart, profitable investment decisions.
The appreciation in price of a wine will be determined by a number of things such as, quality, price, vintage, rarity & demand. Our portfolio managers are well positioned to share their thoughts and recommendations, leaving you with a level of professionalism and assurance throughout your journey with us.
For us, simplicity and transparency is key. We fully appreciate the need to first understand your investment but we’re also aware that you need to fully trust the people you are dealing with. The best way to build trust and credibility is to be as transparent and open as we can. This is one of the reasons why our fees are quoted prior to investment and every wine offered is at the correct market value. Buying at the right price is the key to a successful journey in the fine wine market.