Owners Scheme

Owners Scheme

Horse Owners Scheme

Outright ownership of a racehorse can be considered the ultimate luxury and, with thoughtful and considered management, it can be a source of great pleasure and fulfilment.

Newmarket Racing Club’s owners scheme is ideally suited to those taking their first step into racehorse ownership but, equally, it will also appeal to those who have previously enjoyed the benefits of ownership but, in this case, with clearly defined limits on expenditure.

Studious and professional management will carefully select the bloodstock suitable for each individual in order to maximise his or her enjoyment of the sport.

Partnerships & Syndication

Indeed, both partnerships in, and syndication of, racehorses are a speciality of Newmarket Racing Club where the costs of both ownership and training are met equally by the partners in each horse and where total expenditure is known from day one.

Syndication is a brilliant, exciting way to go racing with like minded individuals, some of whom may become lifelong friends and where partners will share in all the unique emotions of ownership, usually concluding with a trip to the bar!

Newmarket Racing Club is a member of the Racehorse Syndicates Association and all partnerships comply with the BHA (British Horseracing Association) code of conduct for syndicates. You can be confident that your rights and interests, as a member of any of our Owners schemes, are more than adequately protected.

Newmarket Racing Club offers Syndication to prospective Owners in two forms;

Owners Shares – purchase a share and own a specific percentage of the horse outright for life, or until he or she is sold. Share in the prize money and sales proceeds, and receive all other rights and privileges of racehorse ownership.

Lease Shares – purchase a share in the lease and own a share in the horse for a specific period of time. Share in the prize money, and receive all other rights and privileges of racehorse ownership.

Owners Scheme includes:

  • All usual rights and privileges of racehorse ownership
  • Complimentary Owners badge when your horse runs
  • Equivalent Share of Prize monies won by your horse
  • Equivalent Share of Sale proceeds when your horse is sold*
  • Racecourse VIP hospitality

*Please note share of sale proceeds does not apply to lease share owners.

More information on the Owners Scheme Benefits can be found in our FAQs section.

Become an Owner with Newmarket Racing Club – Share in our Success!

See what one of our Owners, Matt, had to say about joining the Mustazeed syndicate…

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